Daniel Karcher (Web Producer)

Dan Karcher’s career in motion picture is purely by circumstance. What began as modest late night Flash experiments (to appease chronic insomnia) while employed as an announcer for NPR grew to become major Flash productions for the motion picture industry, and with it – the unusual credit of “Web Producer,” which IMDB created as a result of his equally unusual portfolio and what is now a standard in the motion picture industry.

When CNN’s “TalkBack Live” took notice of Karcher’s works and featured his experiment “No War. Please,” the series garnered the attention of millions, and as a result of befriending and working with the the staff of Haxan Films and Gearhead Pictures, Karcher’s works expanded to film studios such as Lions Gate, Warner, Sony and others, as well as an ever-growing list of personal independent projects.

Though he is best known as the creator/developer of Haxan’s WOODS MOVIE, Karcher has produced and directed BEHIND THE SCENES AT FAMILY GUY for Fox television and has now grown to full scale film development as producer and co-producer on several independent films, including AMERICAN HOUSE, 524AD, THE JOYRIDE, DELEVERANCE and others.  He is also currently in production on THE BLOODY BENDERS, written by Mark A. Patton and slated to be directed by John Carpenter.

Most recently, Forbes Magazine listed Karcher’s official site for THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT as the “best media campaign, ever.”   Karcher’s wide array of endeavors may be followed at www.bluedaniel.com

Despite the technology of broadcast media, rich content media and motion picture design, Karcher intentionally maintains an antiquarian lifestyle within the rural landscapes of the east coast.